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I am a Washington DC native born and raised. I have always had a strong aptitude for numbers. So a few years after college I found myself in the accounting industry and have been in it now for over 15 years. Being an accountant helps me to specialize in more than one area of accounting and numbers. This includes but is not limited to financial budgeting, credit/collections, complex record keeping, debt solutions and much more. In my career, I analyze the day-to-day flow of money and processes used to manage numbers effectively. Being in this field has given me the tools necessary to help you with your financial awareness and I always encourage using money wisely. I understand professional principles and I know how important confidentiality is. Numbers too big or too small can sometimes be scary, that's why I'm here to help! I would love to gain your trust and your business. 


I started offering my services almost 10 years ago and after taking time off to focus on my spirituality, career, and being a full-time mom. I am back now, more focused, better than ever, and ready to provide my skills in managing numbers. With a fresh rebrand, my company "All Things Numbers" is dedicated to raising financial awareness and educating individuals and families on how to avoid financial risks.

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